Lettre Ulysses Award for the art of reportage

Jiang Hao

Jiang Hao was born in 1954 in the Inner Mongolian Province, China. He left home when his parents divorced and lived a vagrant’s life in the grassland. As a teenager he followed this way of life, digging medical materials in the Da xing an ling forests and working as a horse thief on the Ke er qin grassland. In 1971, he was forcibly sent to a Mongolian camp in Wu li ji mu ren community to accept spiritual reeducation there. There he learned the Mongolian language. This period of his life inspired Jiang Hao to write his first film script, Hunting Field Miscellanies.

At the age of 20 he began studying art at the zha lu te Banner Normal School. In 1986, Jiang Hao was admitted to the literature and arts graduate student class of Inner Mongolian Normal University. After graduation, Jiang Hao worked as a professional film screenwriter in the Film Studio of Inner Mongolia.

In the 1990s film studios in China made films out of a number of his works such as Sloping, A Prison Van to the West and Snow Wolf and his Lover. After studying in the advanced scenery class of Beijing Film Academy, Jiang Hao directed five screenplays he had written himself. Among them were works like Guardian Warriors in Fierce Fire, which won the Hua Biao Award founded by the Chinese government, and Heroes without Tears. In 1990 his reportage Blood Sacrifice to Black River sold 800,000 copies. A four-volume collection of his works was published in 1996.

In 2002 his film Polar Rescue, which is based on materials from the Tibet works, won the highest award of a Chinese screenplay, the Xia Yan Screenplay Award. In the same year, Jiang Hao’s reportage Revealing the Secrets of Poachers received the Chinese Writer Excellence Award.

Jiang Hao is honorary chairman of the Inner Mongolian Screenwriters’ Association. He lives in Beijing as a freelance writer, director and independent producer.

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"A distinguishing feature of good reportage is that it combats this inevitable and planned retreat of language from the real."John Carey